Baby G Watches Baby G watches by Casio. Just as tough as their world-famous counterpart, G shock, Baby G watches are as practical as they are pretty, all in a more compact size. Baby G watches are as practical as they are pretty. Designed with women in mind, Baby G is the “little sister” range to the world-famous Casio G Shock line of watches. Think of a Baby G as the watch with all the toughness of a G Shock but in a smaller, fresher package. While they may be classed as a women’s watch, a Baby G is no delicate creature. The slimmer profiles of Baby G watches make them ideal for smaller wrists. With chic, stylish designs and fresh colours, Baby G watches are perfect for anyone who wants a more feminine look in their tough timepiece. Baby G watches are great for any lifestyle. These watches beautifully balance design with durability. Featuring materials like resin coating, Baby G watches are comfortable to wear no matter what you are up to. From streetwear looks to fitness and training, there’s a Baby G watch perfect for your needs. These watches embody both fashion and function. Each Baby G watch is built with toughness in mind. Created with the same ethos of making an unbreakable watch Casio brings to the G Shock line, Baby G watches are made to last. Toughness-enhancing functionality (such as water resistance and shock resistance) is the backbone of Baby G watches. Every Baby G watch is also packed with useful features. From mixed analogue and digital watch faces to multiple configurable alarms, Baby G watches offer a wide range of functionality. Explore our full range of Baby G watches to find the perfect tough-but-cute timepiece for you.