G Shock Watches G Shock men’s watches by Casio. True toughness in a timepiece, featuring shock and water resistance plus rugged, modern designs and smart functions you are sure to love. G Shock watches by Casio offer true toughness in a timepiece. Along with their “little sister” line of Baby G watches, G Shock watches are born from the pursuit of creating an unbreakable watch. G-Shock watches combine strength, style, and functionality into every durable timepiece. There’s a reason why watch enthusiasts continually list G Shock watches as the toughest watches on the market. The G Shock range fuses smart features and technology into fashion-forward looks. Famous for their shock-resistant construction, a G Shock will stand up to accidental drops and other rough treatment. Need an even tougher watch? The G Shock range has you covered with models featuring water, mud, and even magnetic resistance. One of the most distinctive elements of the G Shock line is the creative and measured use of resin. By artfully using this material, each G Shock is made to last. Durable and tough, G Shock watches are fabulous to look at too. The line features rugged, modern designs in a range of colours and stylish finishes. The profile of a G Shock watch gives a solid, sporty look. With both digital and analogue time keeping faces, the G Shock range has looks to suit every style. The value-for-money offered by G Shock watches is not to be overlooked. These watches are packed with amazing and practical functionality. From countdown timers and alarms to solar-powered inner workings, you are bound to be amazed by all you can get out of your new favourite G Shock watch.