Best Gold Watches for Men and Women

Best Gold Watches for Men and Women

Gold watches have been the symbol of affluence and success for years.

Who would have thought that such a small accessory could make such an extravagant statement? Thanks to market demands and innovative designs, anyone can now own a gold watch. And while they’re more affordable than ever before, these glamorous watches still retain the same luxurious feel.

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Are you ready to find the perfect gold watch for you? Read on to discover the best gold watches for men and women. 

Understanding the different types of Gold in Gold Watches

Yellow gold, red gold, rose gold, white gold, King gold. There are many different types of gold that your watch can be made from. But what’s the difference between them? It all comes down to the purity of gold in the watch, which is measured in karats.*

The purity of gold varies from 24 to 18 karats which influence the quality, look and overall price of the watch. 24 karats is pure gold without any additional materials, while 18 karats is composed of about 75% gold and 25% other metals. 

If you’re going to invest in a gold watch, you should never purchase a watch that’s less than 18 karats. 

*Did you know that karats measure the purity of gold while carats measure the weight of the gold?



Seiko SSC754P

Seiko is renowned for its robust designs and sleek style. Their mechanical watches are not just high-quality but affordable as well - making them ideal for everyday wear.

The gold stainless steel Seiko SSC754P is a permanent solar analogue chronograph. And what’s that, you ask? It’s a fancy way of saying that the watch has a small solar panel that absorbs light to power it, eliminating the need for batteries. 

With a dramatic black dial and gold features, the Seiko SSC754P is as luxurious as it is practical. It’s water-resistant up to 100 metres and has a sapphire crystal glass face, making it almost scratch and shatterproof. 

Pulsar PX3186X

In 1972 Pulsar unveiled its newest creation - the world’s first electronic digital watch. Since then, Pulsar has added more highlights to their long list of achievements, such as becoming James Bond’s watch of choice and creating the first calculator watch in 1980.

The Pulsar PX3186X features a high-quality, elegant brown leather strap to contrast against the smoky black dial and gold highlights. The simple yet bold dial details give this watch a touch of clean sophistication.

So is the Pulsar PX3186X just for show? Nope. It has a ton of features that make this watch as practical as it is stylish. It’s water-resistant for up to 100 metres, solar-powered and has a calendar indicator.  It’s no wonder that James Bond loved this watch!

Citizen BF2022-55H

Known for its superior quality and unique aesthetics, Citizen is known for its stunning technical masterpieces. These watches are all about luxury. 

A technologically powerful timepiece for the working man on the go, the Citizen BF2022-55H is suitable for all occasions - from an important office meeting to a fun date night in town.

Mineral crystal glass makes this watch scratch-resistant, and its black dial with day and date indicator means that you’ll never miss a crucial deadline again. Pair that with a trademark minimalist style, ruggedly designed gold-toned stainless steel case, and a mineral crystal glass for scratch-resistance, and you’ve got yourself one magnificent watch.



Pulsar PN8016X

In 1979, Pulsar joined the Seiko Watch Corporation, enabling the brand to bring even more exquisite creations to the world. Since then, Pulsar watches have been designed with the same innovation and durability as all Seiko watches. The Pulsar PN8016X is no different.

Powered by an A battery and made with gold stainless steel, the Pulsar PN8016X is not only practical but glamorous as well. Its neat dial features and soft metallic face highlights this watch’s simple yet elegant design. While a bold and clear calendar indicator combines function with style.

Pair the Pulsar PN8016X with a classic black dress or a casual shirt with jeans. This is just the watch you need to add a touch of bling to any outfit. 

Citizen ER0213-57X

Sure, Citizen knows how to create a stunning watch. But looks aren’t everything. Citizen watches are also reliable and long-lasting. And thanks to their clever gadgets and innovation, Citizen watches will last for years to come.

Made from mineral glass and rose gold-tone stainless steel, the sleek Citizen ER0213-57X has the versatility needed for everyday wear. The stunning rose gold-tone dial and Swarovski highlights make this watch a statement piece that’ll be part of your wardrobe forever. 

A handy push-button buckle makes the Citizen ER0213-57X a breeze to use. And with a three-year battery life, you can feel confident that your watch will always be there when you need it.

Casio G-Shock DW5600BBMB-1DR

G-Shock watches are all about the rough and tumble. They’re way tougher than your average watch. It can withstand up to 200 metres of water and resist mechanical stress, shock, and vibration - perfect for the active woman on the go.

The G-Shock DW5600BBMB-1DR incorporates world culture classics into an innovative modern style. It’s one of the first of G-Shock’s Metallic Mirror Face models, which pays homage to the days of their no-nonsense, original style. Who said vintage wasn’t fashionable?

With a lightweight, comfortable resin band and shock-resistant construction, the G-Shock DW5600BBMB-1DR is ideal for busy and energetic lifestyles. The unique design and striking aesthetics is the cherry on top.

Didn’t find the right watch for you? There’s plenty more where these came from. Check out our full range here.


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