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There is a Casio G-SHOCK for everyone

For more than 35 years, Casio has been on a mission to create unbreakable watches. Their initial goal might seem modest. Simply put, they wanted to build a watch that wouldn’t break, even if dropped. From this humble objective was born the first ever G Shock watch. And this shock-resistant tough watch reimagined what a watch could be.

Today, the G Shock range of watches embodies Casio’s pursuit of usability under any circumstances.

And this pursuit is open to everyone.

No longer is there just one G Shock watch. These days, there’s a G Shock watch for everyone.

G Shock Mudmaster

The one for those who truly need toughness in a timepiece.

The upper end of the G Shock range is stronger than ever. Take the Mudmaster – a watch that can do it all. Shock and vibration resistant, this men’s watch was designed specifically for use in situations that spell death for most watches. The Mud Resist design ensures nothing gets into your watch even if you're working in the dirt and sludge.

The stainless-steel case with resin coating gives this watch its iconic G Shock look. The Mudmaster is also packed with technology. Solar powered, the watch’s features include a compass, altimeter, barometer, a thermometer and more.

 G Shock GA100-1A4DR

The one for those who need an everyday watch that keeps up.

This men’s watch is the perfect day-to-day timepiece for those who don’t want to worry about their watch. Shock and magnetic resistant, the GA100-1A4DR G Shock comes with a 2-year warranty.

The features on this G Shock are perfect for those whose daily grind doesn’t include actual rock grinding, but still want a tough watch that delivers. The X-Large G features an analogue and digital monitor with smart functions to make your day easier. Highlights include a world time system with 29 time zones and daylight savings features, a countdown timer, a stop watch and 5 programmable daily alarms.

Best of all, this watch is incredibly affordable!

Baby G BG169R-1BDR

The one for those who want toughness on the slimmer side.

This women’s watch proves without a doubt that G Shock watches aren’t just for men. This durable watch brings the power of a G shock into a stylishly cute package.

The BG169R-1BDR watch is part of the Baby G line. Designed specifically for females, or anyone who wants a more feminine look, these watches offer the same tough practicality of their big brother line.

Colourful accents soften the classic G Shock look and bring a playful feel to this piece. The watch’s resin case and band make it comfortable and practical. Affordably priced, this Baby G is still packed with toughness. Water resistant up to 200m and, of course, shock resistant, you just can’t go wrong with this watch.

Baby G BA110RG-7ADR

The one for those unwilling to compromise the look.

This lady’s watch is as practical as it is pretty. The clean white resin watch is stylishly accented with rose gold metallic components.

As beautiful as it is, the BA110RG-7ADR Baby G is hardly a wallflower. Shock resistant and water resistant up to 100m, this watch still stacks up when toughness counts. It’s not just durability and design that make this watch practical either. Smart features, like a stopwatch, countdown timer, plus 5 daily alarms (including 1 snooze alarm) are sure to help you get the most out of your watch no matter your outfit.


Does our list not have the one for you?

There’s even more G Shock watches to explore! No matter how tough you need your watch to be or what features you want, there’s a G Shock for you. Find your perfect G Shock at

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