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Shape & Style

From the rugged outdoors to the shine of beautiful cities, Australia offers a unique land to live in. When it comes to finding the right watch, this diversity creates opportunities and challenges.

What are the best watches for men to own and wear in Australia? It all depends on what matters to you most.

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When the look is key

A man’s watch isn’t just an accessory. It’s a way of expressing your style and yourself.

A magnificent looking watch makes a powerful statement. The right look can help you make your mark.

Both the materials and the watchmaker matter. For materials, selecting timeless classics (like gold and silver) is a powerful way to ensure a touch of class. But a stunning watch of any material will look dapper with every outfit.

Different watch manufacturers specialise in different aesthetics. Choose a brand that matches your style to get the perfect look for you. Three top options are Seiko, Pulsar, and Citizen.

Seiko watches blend classic looks with fashion-forward touches. Designed with a subtle Japanese aesthetic sense, these looks have a wide appeal and are sure to please.

Pulsar watches offer individualistic designs made for those who want to create their own style. These quality watches offer a touch of flair and make excellent statement pieces.

Citizen watches offer ageless designs with modern hints. The result is a fresh look that always feels on-trend and appropriate.

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When durability is #1

When you need toughness in a timepiece, you can’t pass up G-Shock by Casio. Casio watches brilliantly fuse function and fashion together. And the G-shock range is the pinnacle of this combination.

G-Shock watches feature shock-resistant construction that can stand up against accidental drops and other rough treatment. The incredible durability of these men’s watches is matched by modern designs with smart functions. Seeking a real knockout option as tough as you are? Try the G-Shock Mudmaster.

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When you need something truly exceptional

If you are looking for a guaranteed way to stand out with your watch, opt for something extraordinary.

One option is to choose a more unusual material, like ceramic. Rado craft high-tech ceramic timepieces that are functioning works of art. Their unique material and superb craftsmanship leave each watch with an otherworldly sheen. Smooth and stylish, these watches provide a gentle approach to glamour. Lightweight and hypoallergenic, a Rado watch is also incredibly comfortable to wear.

Another sure-fire way to make a fantastic statement with your watch is to lean into incredible technology. Improved technology isn’t just about additional functions. Breakthroughs in watch design tech are re-imagining watches from the inside out. Even how watches are powered is being updated.

And what better way to power your watch in Australia than with solar power! The Seiko Le Grand Sport Diamond Set Solar is spectacular to look at and has solar-powered movement. If you want a watch that’s on the cutting edge, this milestone model is well worth considering.

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