Best dress watches to wear to your Christmas party

Author: Watch Frontier  Date Posted:1 November 2021 

Best dress watches to wear to your Christmas party

Christmas is always a busy time of year - there’s gift shopping to do, family to visit, and a festive tree to decorate. But what is the thing most people look forward to the most during Christmas? The parties, of course! And there’s no bigger Christmas celebration than the office party. 


Now all you need is the ultimate dress watch to level up your Christmas outfit. Thankfully, watches are our speciality! This is your chance to show off your unique style and impress your colleagues with your elegant fashion sense. 

If you’re searching for the perfect dress watch for your Christmas party, we can help. Watch Frontier stocks a range of high-end, affordable dress watches to suit any style and budget. We’ve sourced and selected only the best brands to offer our clients - so we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for on our website. 

We also have Afterpay and ZipPay for all of our watches. And the best part? We offer free returns - so you can feel totally confident making your purchase.

Are you ready to discover the best dress watches for your Christmas party? Read on to find out our top picks. 

What is a dress watch?

A dress watch doesn’t just tell time - it combines style with function. Just like pairing the right wine with your meal, choosing the best watch for your Christmas party can elevate your ensemble to an unforgettable affair. 

While there are many variations, the core characteristics of a dress watch are:

  • A slim profile that allows for a comfortable fit with formal attire
  • Minimal set of complications - which may result in the absence of a seconds hand
  • A high-quality leather strap or bracelet
  • A Smaller case diameter - typically between 36mm and 40mm
  • Occasional use of precious metals, like platinum, silver and gold.

What to look for in a dress watch

A reputable brand

The right dress watch won’t just come out for Christmas. It will become an elegant staple in your regular wardrobe. For this reason, your dress watch needs to be dependable, reliable and of high quality. Many well-known watch brands, such as Armani Exchange, Daniel Wellington, Fossil, and Tommy Hilfiger, are known for these qualities. 

Versatility and timelessness 

A good quality dress watch is going to get a lot of wear over the years. So it’s important to think about the other outfits and accessories you intend to wear with it. Do they all compliment each other? Can you wear the watch over and over again? 

For example, many dress watches have leather straps, so consider what shoes and belts you already have. 

The right case size

As with any kind of watch, selecting the correct case size in a dress watch is vital. The wrong case size may be uncomfortable to wear or seem out of place within your style. 

Larger watches are eye-catching and bold, creating a statement on the wrist. Smaller watches are subtle and have an understated sense of elegance. Whatever you choose, case size is entirely dependent on your personal preference.


For women

'Erika' 8789IPG

From their humble beginnings in Australia, JAG is the original iconic denim brand that took the world by storm. Its sleek yet classic timepieces are often described as ‘timeless’ while preserving the casual feel that epitomises the laid-back Australian lifestyle. 


The striking 'Erika' 8789IPG is unlike any other ladies dress watch. With a dramatic grey mesh bracelet and feminine rose gold case and highlights, this watch is sure to be the talk of your Christmas party. Pair it with a bold, contrasting colour for maximum impact, or bring the drama with dark and moody tones.

Siam 17435/BT19

When it comes to making watches, Michel Herbelin is the most renowned specialist in all of France. The brand's high-quality and elegant design, combined with unprecedented precision, has resulted in countless stunning timepieces. Now, people from all around the world can own their very own Michel Herbelin watch.


The Siam 17435/BT19  is a watch for the ladies who adore sophistication and feminity. 

With a mother of pearl dial and gold highlights, this delicate watch strikes the perfect balance between unique style and elegant design. 

With a clean, simple face dial and delicate sliver bracelet, the Siam 17435/BT19 has everything you needs to turn your Christmas party outfit from casual to glamorous in an instant. 

This gorgeous beauty also includes:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • A 25.5mm watch dial diameter
  • Quartz battery operation
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters
  • Sapphire glass material

For men  

SKW6446 Hagen Men’s Watch

Named after the Northern Danish city, Skagen watches are designed to represent the simple and pleasant coastline of the stunning Scandinavian town. With their sleek styles and soft, neutral colours, Skagen has fashioned itself around minimalism - the key to all of their exquisite timepieces.

Choose a dress watch as unique as you are and wear the SKW6446 Hagen Men’s Watch to your next Christmas party. With a navy blue dial and rugged brown leather straps, this watch will effortlessly showcase your high-end fashion sense without making a bold statement. The SKW6446 Hagen Men’s Watch is even water-resistant up to three meters - so you can still have your rowdy Christmas drinks without hassle. 

Fairfield TW2U89100

Since 1854, Timex has continually delivered on quality and reliable timekeeping. With a solid reputation for durable and beautiful watches with longer battery life, more robust gold plating and greater accuracy, Timex is the ultimate brand for stunning timepieces that will last a lifetime. 


The Fairfield TW2U89100 isn’t like your other dress watches - this watch has some serious drama. With a broody black dial and deep blue leather straps, the Fairfield TW2U89100 is sure to turn a few heads at your Christmas party. In simple terms, this watch is the ultimate expression of fashion and design evolution. 


Couldn’t find the right watch to wear at your Christmas party? Don’t be a Grinch - there’s plenty more to choose from. If you’re looking for the best dress watches to wear to your Christmas party, we can help. Check out our full range here.

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